About Us & Our Services

I am a midwife and a registered nurse with 12 years experience in neonatal and paediatric nursing. My home is in the Waikato, however, I have travelled the world experiencing many diverse cultures. I believe pregnancy and birth to be a normal life event, one of growth and learning an extraordinary journey in life. I am passionate about women’s health, informed choice and consent, and ensuring the best care for you throughout your journey.

As part of your team, I advocate for you – to help you find the best option for you, your whanau/family during your journey and ensure you experience safe and holistic care. I will share information about pregnancy, labour and birth and the early postnatal period (6 weeks after your baby is born). 

My role to support and empower you to achieve a fulfilling experience.

I have been a midwife for six years and remain passionate about my job. I was born in England and trained there but I now call Hamilton home having moved to New Zealand in May 2018. I believe pregnancy and birth is a normal life event full of learning and wonder. I am passionate about informed choice and consent and supporting women through their journey to provide safe care and helping them learn to care for their baby.