What To Expect

Booking A Visit

During this I will take a medical and pregnancy history, completing a full assessment and begin to develop a care plan with you.  We also sign LMC care agreement, this agreement outlines the responsibilities we have to each other in this partnership.  This visit usually takes about an hour, and at the end of this visit you will be offered printed or electronic notes for you to keep as a record for your care.  This visit is a good one to bring any questions you may have too.

Pregnancy Care

You can expect to meet me at regular intervals throughout pregnancy. I work from Waterford birth centre, although in special circumstances may be able to see you at home by arrangement.  You will have information offered to you regarding routine antenatal investigations such as blood tests and scans.  At each appointment we will carry out assessments of your health and your baby’s, including measurements and blood pressure checks and a general check in with any concerns you may have.  I am contactable by phone for any urgent concerns throughout your pregnancy and birth.

If complications arise during your pregnancy, I will refer you to specialist services such as ultrasound services, obstetricians, dieticians or physiotherapists.  I will keep you informed and involved in the decision making around your care.

Together with the support people or whanau of your choice we will provide information and discussion to help you build your individual toolbox of resources for your journey into parenthood, including preparing for birth, choosing birth place, support people and tools to help you manage your experience of labour. 

Labour & Birth

When your labour begins, I will be in close contact.  I will assess you either at home or in the birth place of your choice and support you throughout your labour and birth with the decisions you have made during your antenatal care.  I offer care at either home, River Ridge East Birth Centre or Waterford Birth Centre, and when indicated or by your informed choice at Waikato Women’s Hospital.  I support women wherever they birth, with the same level of attention and care.  My role is to monitor both you and your baby throughout, offer physical and emotional support to you and your whanau, advise you as to any concerns which may arise and support you through the birth of your baby.  I’m also well trained in managing emergency situations should they arise, and work closely with our colleagues to ensure that your safety is paramount.

Postnatal Care

Following the birth of your baby, I will visit you daily in the first few days, then continue to visit as your needs determine for up to six weeks. During this time I will support you in your first decisions as a parent, helping you to feel confident and assured.  I will monitor your health and recovery, offer advice on contraception, discuss recommended vaccination and well child care provider choices.  I will support you as you establish feeding and caring for your baby.  Referrals to Lactation Consultants, GP, paediatricians and well child providers will be made as needed after discussion with you. I’m committed to supporting new families as they find their feet and learn about each other!